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Enterprise culture

Enterprise culture


To provide continuous improvement of the service, is the commitment of Sheneng Charger to customers! Focus on customers, hope to listen to any voice from customers, willing to provide services for customers, and this concept reflected in every detail of the work!


They should:

The driving force of shengnengren is not only from the confidence to do a good job in the enterprise, but also from the pursuit of making the business bigger! To this end, sheneneng people will be adhering to the integrity, innovation, transcendence of the spirit, the achievement of career, return to the society!



Talents are the key to success. Employees are partners who achieve brilliant career together. Success is the same goal of both enterprises and individuals. Everyone is equal in an enterprise. Positions are set according to responsibilities. Ability giving is a stage for talents to display their talents. Employees are encouraged to put forward constructive suggestions and rewarded for the suggestions adopted.


Innovation spirit:

Innovation should be embodied in providing services beyond customer expectations, improving enterprise management, expanding enterprise business, creating enterprise competitive advantage and achieving career in all aspects.


Service spirit:

With a high service spirit, the non-customer departments of an enterprise indirectly provide services to external customers by providing services to the customer departments. Employees in all departments must provide consistent and high quality service when dealing with customers. Service spirit should be reflected in every detail of the work, and the use of the system to achieve standardization.



Provide training for customers in use, maintenance, maintenance, etc., and visit customers regularly to understand the use of products.

Provide service to customers, gain their praise and trust, listen attentively to customers' complaints and handle them properly.

Ensure the equipment can be timely maintenance, ensure normal use, as far as possible to reduce losses, improve work efficiency.


Enterprise culture



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