How to Eliminate the Problems of Magnetic Wave Underground Treasure Detector

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There are some common problems in the experience of many hobbyists in the manufacture and modeling of treasure probes. Make sure the battery is installed in the correct position. Make sure that the search coil is firmly connected and tightly wound on the valve stem.

Intreasure detectorIn the process of manufacturing and modeling, there are some common problems in the experience of many enthusiasts. Ensure that the battery is installed in the correct position.

2. Ensure that the search coil is firmly connected and tightly wound on the valve stem.

Make sure not to use the treasure detector indoors or where too much metal is found.

4. Reduce the sensitivity setting.

4. Determine whether it is close to other treasure detectors or other metal structures, such as wires, barbed wire, benches, etc.

(Note: Iron targets may cause the target ID cursor to make an unstable sound or move. You can identify iron targets in full metal mode)

A staccato signal usually means that you may have found a deeply buried target, or a target located at an angle that your detector is difficult to read. Make sure you use the right mode for the type of hunting. If you are looking for coins, make sure you are in coin mode. You can also use the full metal mode to detect all metal targets to ensure their presence.

If the target ID cursor bounces erratically, a garbage target may have been found. However, if a good target (such as a coin) is not parallel to the search coil (such as on the edge), the target ID cursor may bounce. If one or more "junk" targets are placed next to a good target, it may also bounce back. Scan from different directions until the target ID cursor becomes more stable.

Without any special tools, the assembly of the treasure detector is very easy. Just perform the following steps:

1. Turn the lock knot on the metal rod clockwise to loosen it.

When the distance between the detection plate and the ground is between 0.5 and 2 inches, the arm can be placed naturally and comfortably. You can adjust the length of the detection rod accordingly.

3. Turn the lock knot counterclockwise to lock it in a fixed position.

4. Turn the nut on the detection plate and remove it from the screw. Insert the metal screw and align it with the bracket hole on the detection board, reinsert the screw into the hole, and then tighten the nut.

5. Wrap the detection cable around the metal rod. Leave a sufficient length, so that the detection plate in the detection of uneven ground can be high-speed detection.

6. Insert the detection panel plug into the control panel socket. Make sure the core on the plug is aligned with the receptacle.

Note: The probe plug can only be inserted into the socket in one way. Do not insert forcefully to avoid damage. Disconnect the test panel cable from the test panel. Please hold the plug and pull it off. Do not pull out the cable.

7. Loosen the nut on the detection panel and adjust the detection panel to the required angle (the detection panel should be parallel to the ground). Tighten the nut to the appropriate degree to detect the rotation and vibration of the disc.

Trackingtreasure detectorThe following points should be paid attention to: do not over tighten the detection board, do not use pliers and other tools to tighten.

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