What are the characteristics of treasure detector?

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The treasure detector is common in daily life, so what are its characteristics? 1. equipped with holster, easy to carry.

treasure detectorIt is common in daily life, so what are its characteristics?

1. Equipped with leather case, easy to carry.

2. Reminder when using: Use the inspection surface to scan back and forth in the area 10-30mm above the surface of the object to be inspected. If there is metal, the metal detector will sound an alarm and the red light will light up. When the detector remains stationary above the metal object, the detection signal will automatically weaken, so it is very important for the detector to scan back and forth continuously during use.

3. With sound/vibration switch button, how to choose the treasure detector? There is a sound/vibration switch button on one side, when in a noisy environment or people do not want to hear the sound, you can switch the switch to vibration. Then, when the detector detects metal and sends an alarm, it will vibrate and no sound will be emitted.

4. Replace the battery to remind that when the green light is completely off or an unfamiliar alarm sound is heard, the detector is unreliable, and the battery should be replaced or charged before use. If the treasure detector how to choose? has not been used for a period of time, it is recommended to remove the battery, so as not to damage the detector battery leakage. When not in use, the detector should be kept in a dry and warm environment.

5. How to choose a treasure detector with a dedicated headphone jack? Equipped with a headphone jack, located on the side of the detector. Headphones should be used in noisy working environments or to avoid the impact of alarm sounds on the surrounding environment.

6. Usage: Use 9 volt battery or rechargeable battery. When installing the battery, open the battery cover and install the battery. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles. Turn on the switch button and the green light is on. At this point, how to choose the treasure detector? Can work normally. The sensitivity and detection range of the detector can be adjusted until the red light comes on and a continuous alarm sound is emitted. Turn the sensitivity adjuster counterclockwise until the red light goes out and the alarm disappears. At this time, the metal detector is in the appropriate sensitivity and detection range.


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