How to Choose the Best Underground Metal Detector

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What are the current types of underground detectors in 1.? There are many types of underground detectors, including domestic, imported, probe type, large-scale search scanning, visual imaging technology, pulse technology and so on.

What are the types of underground detectors in 1?

At present, there are many kinds of underground detectors, including domestic, imported, probe type, large-scale search scanning type, visual imaging technology, pulse technology, etc.

2. underground detector price is how much?

Because different types of underground detectors have their own advantages, the prices and performance of different types of underground detectors (ranging from a few hundred yuan to hundreds of thousands) are also very different. Customers all want to buy the best underground detector, even if it costs more than 100,000 yuan, but I think it is not advisable. The most important thing is to choose the one with the most suitable function and price for their own use, so that it will be the best.

How do 3. choose the right underground metal detector for their own use?

Many customers blindly pursue cheap, so that they buy underground detectors that cannot meet their requirements, which is tantamount to a waste of money. There are also many people who pursue high-performance machines. When they use many functions in their spare time, they feel that they are not interested. This is also a waste of money. Here are some more practical experiences, hoping to have a general understanding of how customers choose underground detectors suitable for their own use. For example:

(1) Purchase of economical and practical underground detectors (1000-2000 yuan)

If you only use it to detect scrap metal in waste construction sites and demolition sites, then you only need to buy an underground detector with a price of about 1000 yuan. Under normal circumstances, you can choose to buy underground detectors with a maximum detection depth of 1.5 meters to 5 meters. First, the price is cheap, and the second is that the depth is sufficient. Under normal circumstances, the metal on the waste site will not be buried very deep, and the use of these machines can easily detect the waste metal. Newspapers and the Internet also often report that many people use these underground detectors to detect scrap metal in demolition sites. Generally speaking, the metal detected by one person can be sold for more than 100 yuan a day. In this way, you only need to use it for half a month. You can earn back the money of the machine. This is more affordable, so if you mainly detect scrap metal, buying these underground detectors is a good choice.

(2) Purchase practical underground detectors for treasure exploration (1000-5000 yuan)

If you are used to explore treasures such as gold, antiquities, copper coins, silver dollars, etc. left by your ancestors, then you have to buy a better underground detector with a deeper maximum detection depth. Generally, the treasures buried in the ancestors are packed in a jar, about 1-5 meters. If you are not sure how big the target is or the approximate volume and depth of the burial, you should make a maximum depth estimation and buy an underground detector with sufficient depth. For example, your target has an area of 20*20cm, and it is likely to be buried about 2 to 3 meters, and it has been buried for a certain year. In this case, buy 5 to 10 meters of underground detectors to meet the requirements, and the current price is more affordable.

(3) Purchase high-performance underground detectors (above 5000 yuan)

If none of the above can meet your requirements, then it is recommended that you buy some high-performance products. There are underground detectors (GTI2500 models and other products imported from the United States) that can estimate the size and depth of objects, large-scale search underground detectors (VR series and other products imported from the United States), and visual imaging underground detectors (USA Imager and Turkish Golden King Imager). However, the prices of these products are relatively expensive, with a starting price of tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, the basic reason for buying this kind of equipment is to make money in this industry. Generally, it is not necessary to buy such equipment when looking for things buried by grandparents in front of and behind the house.

4. to sum up the above recommendations:

Buying an underground treasure detector suitable for your own use will help you to better detect valuable items. At present, it is a very good detection tool whether it is detecting scrap metal or detecting the remains of ancestors. Moreover, the buried items, whether they are in wooden boxes or pottery jars, do not affect the detection performance, and the scattered items are easier to detect than the one.

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