The use and attention of pulse treasure finder?

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Every kind of thing has its value. In our daily life, there are many things and products that cannot be separated from it. So in the industrial field, there are a lot of mechanical equipment in different areas to play their role, pulse treasure finder is no exception, today we will talk about the use of pulse treasure finder and attention.

Every kind of thing has its value. In our daily life, there are many things and products that cannot be separated from it. So in the industrial field, there are also many mechanical equipment playing their role in different fields. Pulse treasure finder is no exception. Today we will talk about pulse treasure finder.Use and attention? If you are interested, please continue reading.


Pulse treasure finder access AC220V,50HzPower, press the power switch, the indicator light is on, turn on the power, the switch indicator light is displayed. Select the appropriate signal output form (square wave or sine wave).Pulse treasure finderat the time of usePress the select function switch for the desired waveform. When the pulse wave needs to be output, pull out the duty cycle adjustment switch and adjust the duty cycle to obtain a stable and clear waveform. At this time, the frequency is the original1/10, Press the duty cycle switch knob in the sine wave and triangle wave state. When a small signal output is required, press the attenuator to select the frequency range of the required signal, press the corresponding level switch, and adjust the trimmer appropriately. At this time, the data indicated by the trimmer at the same level is multiplied by the actual output signal frequency. The pulse explorer adjusts the amplitude knob to the desired output amplitude. When DC power is required, pull out the DC offset adjustment knob to adjust the DC level offset to the required level value. In other states, press the DC offset adjustment knob and the DC level is zero. Positive and negative poles of the division output terminals are connected to signal output lines.

Pulse treasure finderInWhen in use, the dial should be dialed to the valid position of the number, otherwise invalid numbers may be input and the signal source cannot work normally. Similarly, if the back of the panelBCDDial wiring off or chip error, can also cause failure. As a common input interface device, the dial may cause poor contact due to wear or oxidation over time. At this time, the signal source cannot respond correctly to the input. After eliminating other reasons, you can try to replaceBCDDial. Pulse treasure finderIn useDo not connect high voltage to the signal source interface to avoid damage to the photoelectric isolation circuit. (In a certain working mode) can be relatively extended key time to ensure the effectiveness of key operation.andLong timeofUse may reduce the reliability of the key, and the key can be replaced when the operation is abnormal.

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