What is the security metal detector?

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Every kind of thing has its value. In our daily life, there are many things and products that cannot be separated from it. So in the field of transportation, there are a lot of mechanical equipment in different areas to play their role, security metal detectors are no exception, today we will talk about some basic information about the composition of security metal detectors.

Every kind of thing has its value. In our daily life, there are many things and products that cannot be separated from it. So in the field of transportation, there are also a lot of machinery and equipment playing their role in different fields,Security metal detectorNo exception, today we will talk aboutSecurity metal detectorThe composition of some basic information? If you are interested, continue to read down together.


Security metal detectorThe hand-held metal detector consists of three parts: the fuselage part, the bell part and the alarm part. The fuselage part, the fuselage of the hand-held metal detector is the main part of the instrument, which is equipped with the main electronic components of the instrument, and also includes the power alarm part.Security metal detectorofThe annular portion is to generate a constant frequency magnetic field. Through the metal cutting magnetic field, the principle of constant destruction frequency is used to judge whether there is a metal object and its position.

WhenSecurity metal detectorWhen approaching a metal object, a small horn will sound an alarm to alert the detector operator. Security inspectors and law enforcement officers use hand-held metal detectors to conduct non-contact searches to uncover hidden metal objects and weapons. When performing a security check, the user scans a few centimeters from the subject's body, scanning the entire body and potential areas in the correct way to detect hidden metal objects or weapons. In order to further improveSecurity metal detectorreliability and sensitivity,Security metal detectorofThe high-frequency oscillator is powered by a voltage regulator circuit, and the voltage regulator circuit is powered by a voltage regulator diodeVD1Current limiting resistanceR6and decoupling capacitorsC5Composition. The oscillation detector is composed of a triode switching circuit and a filter circuit.Security metal detectorofThe switching circuit consists of a triodeVT2DiodeVD2The filter circuit consists of a filter resistor.R3Filter CapacitorC2,C3,C4Composition., The metal detector consists of a high-frequency oscillator, an oscillation detector, an audio oscillator and a power amplifier. oscillating tubeVT1There are two potentiometers in series between the emitter and the ground, which play a negative feedback role on the emitter current. The greater the resistance, the stronger the negative feedback effect,VT1The lower the amplification capability, even the circuit stops.RP1for the oscillation gain coarse potentiometer,RP2Potentiometer for trimming.

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