The use of metal detectors?

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The emergence of any thing and product is because it has advantages that other things cannot match, so the security metal detector is no exception. Here we will introduce the use of security metal detectors in detail. If you are interested, you can continue to look down and hope it will be helpful to you.

The emergence of any thing and product is because it has advantages that other things cannot match, thenSecurity metal detectoris no exception. Here we will introduce in detailSecurity metal detectorIf you are interested in the use of, you can continue to look down and hope it will be helpful to you.

Security metal detectorofCircuit in addition to the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer, no adjustment part. As long as the welding is correct, the circuit can work normally. When the whole machine is stationary, I .e. when the horn does not sound, the total current is about10mA. When the sound of the metal horn is detected, the whole machine current rises20mA. A new laminated battery can work20-30Hours. If the newly soldered metal detector does not work properly, first check whether the components and wiring on the circuit board are wrong, and then measure the battery voltage and power supply circuit. Do not reverseVD2The polarity. Do not weld the primary, secondary and end-to-end of the oscillating coil in the test disc incorrectly.


Every kind of thing has its value. In our daily life, there are many things and products that cannot be separated from it. So in various fields, there are also a lot of mechanical equipment in different fields to play their role, in the useSecurity metal detectorBefore, the length of the probe rod needs to be adjusted. Just unscrew the black rubber sleeve, push and pull the rubber sleeve to a suitable length, then rotate the rubber inner tube to make the cable tightly wound with one side of the handle facing upward, and then tighten the black rubber tube to lock the rubber tube. In this way, when holding the handle of the detector, the thumb is just close to the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer.

AdjustmentSecurity metal detectorThe detection disk (oscillation coil) should be away from metal, including paper with aluminum foil, and then turn the sensitivity fine-tuning potentiometer knob (FINETUNING) Turn on the power switch and turn it to half position, then adjust the coarse potential and turn the knob (TUNING) the speaker stops the voice call,ButThe rear trim trim potentiometer just stops the speaker call. At this time, the sensitivity of the metal detector is very high. UseSecurity metal detectorWhen detecting metal, as long as the detection plate is close to any metal, the speaker will make a sound, and the sound will automatically stop when it is far away from a certain position.

This kindSecurity metal detectorIt has high sensitivity. When using it to detect large pieces of metal, when the detection disc is away from metal objects20cmsound from the speaker. As small as a paper clip or even a pin can be detected, but the detection coil must be close to it.Our company's products can also meet these advantages. And what has been done in this respect is also in place. You still don't have to worry at all. If you have time, you can come to the official website to check it out. There are contact methods on it. There are also online staff to receive you. If you don't understand, just ask them.

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