Correct Use and Common Fault Judgment Method of TC90 Metal Detector

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The correct use of the 90 machine: install the battery, wind the probe wire on the probe rod, insert the probe plug into the connection socket on the machine, remember to tighten the nut between the probe plug and the socket, otherwise the work will be unstable during use. Then pull the operating mode to the ground balance gear. Adjust the knob of the working regulator to the position of 6-7. Turn on the power switch, press the button under the meter with one hand, and adjust the tuner with the other hand to make the speaker have a little sound. Then release the button and you can use it. The probe is kept above 15cm along the ground and moves slowly. When there is metal in the ground where the probe passes, the horn will sound an alarm and the pointer of the meter will deflect to the right.

In the course of use, if the probe is close to the ground about 15 meters, there is no metal underground machine will sound an alarm. This means that the cover of the machine is too large to adjust the knob of the right working adjuster. It should be adjusted smaller counterclockwise and try again. If the probe is close to the ground about 15cm, the critical sound of the horn becomes smaller or disappears. It shows that the knob of the working adjuster is too small. At this time, the knob of the regulator should be adjusted in the large direction (I. e. clockwise). It should be noted that the identification file belongs to an additional function. Because it does not have a ground balance function, it is not recommended to use the identification file detection during use.

Judgment of common faults: There will be some faults during the use of the machine. How do you judge whether the machine has a fault or a fault location. The brief introduction is as follows. If the sound of the machine cannot be reduced during normal use and the button cannot be restored, it should be considered that the battery is not enough. A new battery should be replaced for a try. Note that there is no professional instrument test for replacing the battery, and the old and new batteries cannot be mixed. If the machine powered by a rechargeable lithium battery is powered off at the moment the machine is turned on, this situation may be that the rechargeable lithium battery is not enough, and a new rechargeable lithium battery should be replaced. The machine suddenly did not detect during use. It should be considered that the probe line may be broken. If it is convenient, change a good probe to the machine and try it. If it still doesn't work. There must be a problem with the machine. Under normal circumstances, the sound of pressing the button under the meter should change. If there is no change, the button may be broken. Try another one. If the machine is powered by No.5 dry battery and 7.4V rechargeable lithium battery, there is no sound on and off the horn and the pointer of the meter does not move. In this case, the power switch of the machine may be broken. During the use of the machine, there was suddenly no sound and intermittent sound, but the meter pointer indicated that the horn of the machine was broken.

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