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Selection of metal detectors

Metal detectors are a very useful tool that can be used to find and detect underground metal objects such as gold, silver, copper, iron and other precious metals. They are widely used in various fields, including archaeology, architecture and resource exploration.

If you are planning to buy a metal detector, here are some important considerations to help you choose the most suitable detector.

1. Detection depth

The detection depth of the metal detector is a very important factor, which depends on the frequency of the detector, the strength of the electromagnetic field and the size of the detection coil. Lower frequency detectors can detect deeper items, but will lose some detection sensitivity. On the other hand, high-frequency detectors can provide better detection sensitivity, but can only detect shallower items.

Therefore, you need to choose a detector whose detection depth can meet your specific needs. If you need to detect at a greater depth, then you may need to choose a low-frequency detector. If you only need to detect in the shallow layer, then the high frequency detector will be a better choice.

2. Detection mode

Metal detectors usually have two detection modes: all-metal mode and exclusion mode. The all-metal mode can detect all types of metal objects, while the exclusion mode can exclude some non-target metals, such as zippers and bottle caps. Which model you choose depends on your specific needs and budget.

3. Detector type

There are many different types of metal detectors, including ground detectors, handheld detectors, depth detectors, underwater detectors, etc. Ground detectors are often used in archaeology and architecture, while hand-held detectors are more suitable for finding lost metal objects, such as keys and jewelry. Depth detectors can detect deeper objects, and underwater detectors can look for metal objects underwater.

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