The main purpose of metal detectors

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  1. Security: Metal detectors are commonly used in security checks, such as at entrances to airports, train stations, stadiums and public places, to detect people carrying dangerous metal objects. This helps prevent the carrying of weapons or other dangerous items into the controlled area.

  2. Find lost items: Metal detectors can help people find lost metal items, such as lost keys, rings or other valuables. By scanning the surrounding area, people can quickly find buried or hidden metal objects in the ground.

  3. Historical Archaeology: Archaeologists often use metal detectors to find ancient relics buried in the ground. These relics may be metal tools, weapons, jewelry or coins from ancient civilizations. Metal detectors can help identify potential archaeological sites and provide researchers with important historical information.

  4. Metal recycling: In the process of recycling garbage and scrap, metal detectors can be used to find metal impurities, such as nails, bolts, aluminum cans, etc. This helps to ensure the quality of recycled materials and improve recycling efficiency.

  5. Leisure activities: Some people like to use metal detectors for leisure activities, such as beach searches or adventures. They take metal detectors to outdoor areas to look for metal objects buried under the soil or sand, which is also a fun way to entertain.

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Metal detectors need attention when working

To detect whether there is metal around, we can use a metal detector to help us detect, this instrument once the detection of metal, will start the alarm, in the work of the need to pay attention to these points:


What is the reason why the metal detector is not up to standard in the use process?

In order to detect metal impurities more accurately, the current metal detection instruments and equipment have high sensitivity, but some users have incorrect sensitivity in the use process. What is the reason why the metal detector is not up to standard in the use process?


How can metal detectors be more accurate?

For products in many industries, the accuracy of metal detection has an important impact on quality assurance, but the accuracy of metal detector equipment is affected by many factors. How can metal detectors perform more accurate detection?


When buying equipment, you will worry about whether the metal detector can pass the security check?

Metal detector is a kind of special instrument used to detect metal substances, and now the metal detector can detect the type of metal in addition to detecting objects or objects mixed with metal. In archaeology, metal detectors can be used to discover ancient tombs with buried metal objects, find gold and silver treasures in ancient tombs, gold and silver jewelry, and various coin ceramics.