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XH1000 Pass-Through Metal Detector

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On the basis of the original, the product further uses a more advanced digital logic circuit to process the received signal, and the application software to identify, extract, compare and alarm the signal processed by the digital logic circuit. And the use of liquid crystal display panel mode, human-computer communication humanization, intelligent. The sensitivity is higher, the anti-interference ability is stronger, and the stability performance is more perfect. The appearance of the overall strong, simple and elegant. Suitable for places with high sensitivity requirements; prisons, detention centers, public security organs, airports, museums, embassies, troops, exhibitions, stadiums, venues, examination rooms, important government departments and other places.

XH1000 Pass-Through Metal Detector Details

The company specializes in lithium tools, measuring tools research and development, production and sales. Since its establishment, the company has recruited a group of technical backbones with rich experience, has a relatively complete testing system, and has established a modern enterprise management system and quality assurance system.

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